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Good Food, Good Friends

About us

Mexico is internationallly recognized for its beautiful landscapes, the joy of its people and its exquisite cuisine. Any Mexican who travels or lives abroad or will soon admit that he misses the traditional chilaquiles, the unsuparpassable tacos and the exquisiteness of tamales, pozole, menudo and chili pepper in all its versions. Each dish has its own charm and all of them make up one of the most revered cuisines around the world.
In Barrigas we capture all that charm and we put it on your table, a piece of Mexico, its flavor, the joy of its people that is evident in the unparalleled service of our collaborators.

A place to share good food, with good friends.

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Barrigas Campestre

Manuel Gómez Morín #7814, Adición Campestre
Ciudad Juárez, Chih
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